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Item #: SCP-194

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-194 is contained in a standard anomalous vehicle containment unit.

Description: SCP-194 is a red-painted rowboat, designed to seat two people.

Addendum 194.A (Object Class): Euclid

Addendum 194.B (Special Containment Procedures): SCP-194 is contained in a concrete mausoleum located in a ███ ███████ cemetery, the location of which is included in attached file 194-LOC-A. The mausoleum is to be checked for damage or deterioration once every 30 days. Any reality-restructuring effects of SCP-194 which appear to impact the space outside of it should be reported to containment staff.

Due to the effects of SCP-194-Z upon the SCP-194 designation, the acting documentation of SCP-194-Z is presented in the form of various addenda to the acting SCP-194 designation. Any secondary classifications are to be assigned in reverse alphabetical order (i.e. SCP-194-Z), and all addenda are to be designated alphabetically, rather than numerically (i.e. Addendum 194.A). This is to prevent conflict with documentation applied to the SCP-194 designation.

Addendum 194.C (Description): SCP-194-Z refers to a phenomenon surrounding the SCP-194 designation. Various objects are assigned to the SCP-194 designation at various times, causing the SCP-194 file to be altered based on the affected object. Only one object can be assigned to the SCP-194 slot at any time, causing minor retroactive alterations to support the containment of each object in Foundation custody.

Notably, most affected objects assigned to the SCP-194 designation are non-anomalous in nature.

Addendum 194.E: Testing Logs

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